Sybel's Yoga for Sports & Fitness Vol 1 and Vol 2

Sybel Boss
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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Setting: Beautiful outdoor scenery. Sybel performs the workout on a pool deck that has the ocean in the background.

Music: You'll hear real seagulls and the ocean amongst the pretty tone of chimes in the music.

Volume 1:

Beginning seated with legs crossed, you'll focus on your intentions and begin deep breathing. A wonderful cat's stretch warms up your back. Spinal balance follows, extending one arm and opposite leg. A one armed side plank modified is next followed by child's pose. A deep down dog position follows. Sybel enhances this by bringing one leg up in the air for a 3 legged down dog. Next, you'll move into standing forward bend at the front of the mat then into a crescent lunge. She then repeats a sun salute once through each side. To enhance balance, you'll perform tree pose. Next, in a deep plie, you'll go into a twist to each side. This opens up the front of the body. Triangle pose to each side follows. (she'll turn this into a balance move as well) A nice standing side stretch preceeds a deep standing wide legged forward bend. Coming up you'll move into pyramid pose for a deep hamstring stretch. Standing forward bend follows. Crescent lunge into squatting forward bend. Down dog and 3 legged dog then plank, cobra & squatting pose with arms overhead. Come back up to standing prayer pose. Another balance pose follows. Airplane pose is next which will challenge your balance and strengthen your standing leg. Warrior I into Warrior II then into a side angle pose. Relaxation pose concludes the workout. (20 minutes of poses, relaxation is around 4 minutes for a 24 minute practice)

Volume 2:

Starting seated, legs crossed, you'll begin to follow your breath. Then with feet arms distance from body in a diamond shape, you'll stretch forward for a nice inner thigh stretch. Moving even deeper into the stretch, you'll bring the feet in close to the body in a butterfly pose. Next straddle legs into a wide legged position and bend forward. Following this is sage pose. Next is seated prayer. Sybel stretches back & then moves forward into child's pose. Hero pose & reclining hero follow. (she suggests using a cushion for a modification) Plank pose into cobra then into squatting pose. Next is seated staff pose. This will stretch the lower body effectively. Sybel adds a nice twist to this pose. Reverse plank follows. Reclining on your back you'll move into plough pose. Shoulder stand follows. (you'll move through various leg positions in this pose) Bridge pose is next which will strengthen quads, glutes and hamstrings. A gentle hamstring stretch into an inner thigh stretch follows. You'll perform some gentle twists for the spine and then you'll do some unique core moves. (such as performing a crunch with one leg straight in air, the other extended several inches off floor) Next, seated, you'll move into side stretches. You'll also do some hamstring stretches and twists. Pigeon pose follows which will open up the hip area and provide a deep stretch. Camel pose into child's pose. Next, lying on your stomach, you'll perform different sequences to tone your back. Roll over and you'll then perform another deep hip stretch. Reclining twist and final relaxation conclude the session. (approximately 21 minutes of yoga with 4 minutes of relaxation for 25 minutes total)

Instructor Comments:
Sybel offers great form pointers and excellent instruction.