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I have Ilg's book and we had a discussion of him in the GD forum. I purchased this DVD for $35+S&H. It was steep but I was hoping it was worth it.

The web site was broken - the link to order failed so I called and ordered over the phone.

It comes in a very cheap CD case - a thin case with a homemade cover. It is DVD though.

You need three blocks and the Power Blocks from really work well. These are great blocks BTW.

The workout itself is unscripted and there is text written above "coach" and one of them says it is unscripted because he likes to "keep it real. "

The cover states that it is a super intense workout so be careful.

Let me be clear - this is not a traditional yoga practice - it is more a restistance workout. It is tough and he has innovative uses of the blocks. It uses yoga moves but there is very little if anything reflective about it - although he does say to withdraw the senses a few times.

Here's the cons:
- he sweats profusely during the workout. OK - I can handle that but he at one point appears blows his nose into the towel he uses to wipe the sweat off his face.
- he very loudly grunts and groans throughout the workout - the entire workout, and constantly. He even yells out "yeah baby!" several times.
- The workout has text printed about him on the screen with instructions and high praise for him.

His ab work is pretty intense but very fast moves and a completely different style than say Ana Forrest which is very slow and controlled and very intense.

Anyway - hope this helps anyone who was considering this.

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