The Spirit Of Yoga In Sedona

Tania Block, Lana Grimm
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Yoga

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This is an ďokayĒ yoga workout. Itís not Power or Ashtanga, which are what I really like. Itís much less vigorous, but more vigorous than simply stretching-type yoga. The style is very similar to that of the Yoga System tapes, if youíve seen any of those. The production is very nice, shot outdoors in Sedona. One thing about this style (whatever itís called) as well as Yoga Systemís Ė they use different names for poses than what I think most of us do. For example, Half Moon, Eagle, and many others are quite different than what you would learn from Rodney Yee, Baron Baptiste, etc. Although this isnít my preferred yoga style, Iíll keep it around because the results are good. Itís energizing and relaxing. Itís also good for those days when you just canít face another jump-through :) (or an attempt at one, in my case!).

Annie S.