Self: Ultimate Destress Yoga

Stephanie Culen
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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2 distinct segments, both will assist the participant in reducing stress (and gaining flexibility). The first section is done standing and is very active (a good way to relieve anxiety and pent up frustrations). The second is slower using restorative yoga postures. (all done on the floor) This segment helps quiet the mind and is a great way to induce sleep. The workout is easy to follow and has an athletic stretching feel to it. (so true beginners to yoga should have no problems following along) Each segment is approximately 20 minutes in length so when you are short on time you can choose to do one segment only. Stephanie's cuing is precise so you'll gain the most benefit from the poses. The restorative section contains some abdominal strengthening exercises. This is good because the stress response can cause an increase in the tummy area and these exercises will help tone you up as you alleviate the stress. This is a well thought out program as it includes 2 different ways individuals can reduce stress (both actively and restoratively).

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