Real World Yoga

Jackie Camborde
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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Along with the actual practice, which runs almost an hour, Jackie included 2 additional chapters. You can listen to Jackie's story where she shares her personal fitness journey and true beginners can check out the Instructor's Corner for additional tips. (here you'll learn proper form and alignment)

Lots of verbal instruction, this practice is very easy to follow. Beginners will apppreciate the straight forward approach with easy to understand variations. The session includes two modifiers: Diane, showing true beginner modifications and Christine, who demonstrates more advanced moves. (Jackie will stay somewhere in the middle so the participant can follow whoever is closest to their fitness level)

The pace is slow so you'll gain flexibility as you relax into the poses. This is not power yoga but you will flow from posture to posture (Vinyasa style), however it's a nice & relaxed pace. Jackie will teach you all the basics: sun salutations, standing postures and seated sequences. Jackie uses verbal cues to assist in the poses (ex; imagine your wringing out a towel) Included is balance work done seated which helps develop the core as well. Jackie concludes the session with corpse pose to relax the participant and finish the class.

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