Raw Yoga

Kim Toledo
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Yoga

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A winner! This is an extremely well-balanced and well-thought-out Hatha yoga practice. It covers everything – standing poses, balances, backbends, seated poses – all in a very serene, interestingly-sequenced way. But although I call it serene, don’t confuse that with easy. There is a lot of strength work here, too. It’s not as strength-oriented as some of the, say, Bryan Kest workouts, to give an example, but you will break a sweat for sure. The video is shot outdoors in a moutainous area. The scenery changes with each “set” of asanas. It has nice, soothing music and very good picture and sound quality. The one-hour workout is followed by a very interesting lecture on raw foods (juicing and other topics). This is an expensive video, $27.50. You can see an introductory clip at and also order it from www.rawfood.com.

Instructor Comments:

Annie S.