Quick Fix Core Yoga Workout

Suzanne Donegan
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Yoga

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All the tapes in the Quick Fix series consist of three short, 10-minute workouts; for each workout, a clock in the bottom right-hand of your screen counts down the time left. In the "Core Yoga" tape, each of the three workouts has a different emphasis. The focus of Program #1 is on breathing, and it consists mainly of sun salutations which you perform slowly at first and then faster. Program #2 focuses on strength and toning of legs and arms. This was the toughest section, as several poses, such as the plank, are held for an extended period of time. There are also some tough lunges for legs and one-armed balance poses for arms. Finally, Program #3 focuses on flexibility. This section includes only floor poses, mostly forward bends and twists.

In addition to not liking the instructor (see below), another thing I didn't like about this workout is the fact that the instructor and her assistants all used large square mats which means that if you're the typical person with a rectangular mat, you keep having to shift it around. One of the assistants offers modified versions of the poses, which would be good for beginners already familiar with yoga. Overall, I would rate this tape as just average, but it might be good for someone with severe time constraints wanting to squeeze in some yoga for relaxation rather than a real workout.

Instructor Comments:
The instructor had a soothing voice and cued well. However, she doesn't give detailed instructions, and so I would not recommend this tape to those unfamiliar with yoga (despite the fact that she says anyone can do the workouts). Also, there was something about her manner that turned me off; she had sort of an affected, snobbish way of speaking.

Beth C (aka toaster)


I really like this video and I'm surprised that it's not more accessible. I've only seen it at Amazon -- and Collage carries many of the Quick Fix series, but not this one. Hmmm. I think it's a gem of a yoga video.

Quick Fox Core Yoga has 3 ten minute yoga segments. Each segment has a little QF countdown number at the bottom right of the screen so you can always see how many minutes you have left (kind of fun to see how the time flies).

Beginners can do this video, but I consider myself inter/advanced in yoga (can do Bryan Kest and Baron Baptiste's videos) and I benefit from this video too. It's more of a stretch video for me, but energizes and tones my core at the same time.

The first segment emphasized "Core Vitality" -- it mainly consists of Sun Salutations with some planks and lunges (with the back foot facing forward -- which I think is more challenging). This segment is nice to do just to get your blood flowing on a morning that you don't have time for much else or to do as a warm-up for some strength work.

The second segment emphasizes "Core Strength" and has many postures as well as pilates-type poses -- the pose where you are inverted like a V with your arms outstretched past your knees (sorry I don't have the name for this one) and the side stretch where you are balancing on one arm and both legs outstretched and the other arm up in the air. This is probably the most challenging segment. This is a nice segment to add onto a workout that might need more core work.

The third segment emphasizes "Core Flexibility" and gives you some flowing poses that will stretch out your spine and upper body. I like using this segment alone at the end of another workout for a more thorough stretch.

This morning I did all three segments. They flow wonderfully together. I'm always one to notice the music (or lack of it) and the music in this workouts is nice and noticable. Sometimes yoga videos have the music too quiet in the background, but this one is playing pleasantly amidst Suzanne's voice so you can enjoy it while you move.

I give this video an A+ for versatility, a wonderful instructor, nice music, and wonderfully flowing moves.

Instructor Comments:
Suzanne is a lovely instructor to do yoga along with. Her voice is calm and she has an unrecognizable, soothing accent. Suzanne gives great cues too. She is the only yoga instructor I've followed (and I've done many Yoga Zone and Living Arts videos) who has emphasized balancing on all 4 corners of your feet even when standing in mountain pose or a standing forward bend. This makes a big difference in how my legs are stretched. I use this technique with my other yoga videos now and appreciate knowing it.

I'm not sure why, but her name isn't anywhere on the video and the woman pictured on the front isn't even her. She looks similar (long hair and same hair coloring) but that's a different person. Strange.

I just did a web search on her name and found a tiny bit of information on a yoga website for teaching yoga in schools (www.yogainside.com). It lists Suzanne as a special education teacher in West Hollywood.

Renee Allen