Pure Yoga Pilates

Kerry Bestwick
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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The setting is beautiful. It's all done outside with lush surroundings. Very well produced. The music is also very fitting for the practice. The dvd is broken down into 2 sections, Power Yoga and Pilates. Each section runs approximately 38-40 minutes. Kerry is meticulous in ensuring safety and correct form. She gives detailed instruction throughout both practices.

Power Yoga:

Beginning in seated cross legged position, you'll meditate and clear your mind to prepare yourself for the practice. Shoulder rolls and spinal twists warm up the shoulders and back. Kerri then does stretches with legs open wide. Cat/cow opens the chest and expands the back. A nice achilles stretch then moves in bow pose. Down dog is next and here Kerry incorporates calf raises into the pose. Moving into mountain pose you'll then begin the standing postures. Tree pose and Eagle will develop your balance. Kerri then takes you through several variations of the sun salute, adding as you go along. The sequences are not too fast paced so you'll also enjoy a nice stretch as well as tone your muscles and heat the body. Side planks are great for toning the arms and obliques. Continuing the core effort, boat pose will work the entire abdominal area. A well deserved corpse pose/meditation ends the sequence.


All the basic pilates moves are here: Leg circles, The Hundred, rolling like a ball. Kerry demonstrates how to imprint your abs to really get a good contraction in your core. She also will demonstrate more unique exercises such as what I like to call dead bug-you'll lay on your back and while keeping abdominals contracted you'll move one arm up and overhead and then move the opposite leg up and out. Looks easy but it will get fire up those abs! All moves are done precise and with control.

This Yoga/Pilates workout is a great way to tone your body and develop core strength. Each practice is a great compliment to one other and you can choose to do them together as one long workout or do them on different days. The beautiful setting and great instruction will have you reaching for this one again and again.

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