Power to the Peaceful Yoga

Sharon Gannon, David Life, Michael Franti
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

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Michael participates with David and Sharon in this approximately 53 minute session. Performed in voice over to Michael's music, you'll begin with some chants and deep breathing. (you'll notice David & Sharon take turns instructing the segments) The set is made to look like a music sound stage with musical instruments in the background. (the white background along with the colored mats & guitars offer a "peaceful" look that seemed fitting with the workout's intention)

The practice itself is a beautiful flowing session that will tighten and tone the body and alleviate stress. (the music is jazzy & fun assuring a good time too!) Some yoga experience would be helpful as the flow is quick and offers some unique/harder poses.

The sun salutation warm the body and prepares you for a deeper exploration of the poses. Next is standing postures. These are held longer to experience the full effect of the pose. Options are demonstrated to offer even more of a challenge. Unique poses include 1 legged chattaranga & down dog and "silver surfer".

The floor work also offers difficult poses. (fish, head stands, shoulder stands and more) Advanced students will enjoy the variety.

This practice seems "light" but is pretty tough. The music is wonderful! You'll develop strength & flexibility and enjoy inner peace. The workout concludes with a great final relaxation that brings you out of the vigorous session.

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