The Power Of Yoga

Sharon Tron

Categories: Yoga

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There are seven sections on this DVD, but the DVD is not chaptered. The actual practice is about 50 minutes in length, with Sharon Tron alone. Nice instrumental music plays in the background. This practice has a nice flow to it, but it is not fast paced.

The introduction is of Sharon carrying her yoga mat and yoga blocks down to the shoreline of British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, where the entire Yoga practice is filmed. The scenery is beautiful--white/grey rocks line the deep blue ocean. Sharon wears white pants with a white tank top. As she walks, she explains that Yoga is not a competition and that each student should honor his/her body.

Ujaii Breath (approx. 5 min):

The practice starts with Sharon sitting inside a large crevice among clean white/grey rocks. This is the only section where Sharon instructs live. She instructs on learning Ujaii breathing, with closed eyes. Soft instrumental music plays in the background and the sound of the wind is audible.

Pranayama (approx. 2 min):

Sharon is seated on a large white/grey rock slab lining the shoreline of the coast. She instructs in voice over. She begins with eyes closed and hands in anjali mudra. She goes through short breathing exercises that focus on learning breath control.

Sun Salutations (approx. 10 min):

Sharon's instructions are in voice over. She starts with cat stretches. She then moves into standing forward bend. She rolls up into mountain pose and then into 4 rounds of sun salutations.

Standing Series (approx. 14 min):

Sharon starts in mountain pose. Then she moves into triangle pose, warrior II, side angle pose, warrior I, revolving triangle pose, pyramid pose, balancing warrior III, reverse warrior, standing wide angle forward bend, wide leg downward facing dog and wide leg upward facing dog, standing forward bend, mountain pose, tree pose, eagle pose and mountain pose.

Sitting Series (approx. 18 min):

Sharon starts in head to knee pose (she demonstrates with a yoga strap) and then moves into pigeon pose, seated half spinal twist, cow face pose, boat pose, reverse table pose, inclined plane pose, bridge pose, wheel pose, supine knee down twist, reclined leg stretch, side to side supine rocks, roll back up to seated pose with hands in anjali mudra.

Relaxation (approx. 2 min):

Sharon is in relaxation pose, with an eye pillow over her eyes. This is a 2-minute savasana.

Modifying Postures Using Blocks (approx. 2 min):

Sharon demonstrates how to use yoga blocks to modify certain poses (triangle pose, side angle pose, revolving triangle, pyramid pose, balancing warrior III, standing wide angle forward bend and standing forward bend).

I enjoy this practice very much and it's a keeper! The oceanside scenery is beautiful, and Sharon is inspiring and flexible without being intimidating. I think this practice is great for yogis/yoginis who are at least at a high beginner level and are already familiar with basic Yoga postures. Although Sharon is constantly instructing, there are no explanations on correct placement of hands, feet, etc. for those who are absolutely new to Yoga.

When you buy this DVD from, a free downloadable pdf is available. This chart illustrates all 40 postures used in the video.

Instructor Comments:
I like Sharon's calm and pleasant on screen personality. Sharon speaks clearly and quietly. Sharon appears to be in her late twenties to early thirties. Her voice over cueing is in sync with the postures, and she mirrors your movements. Sharon practices the postures on each side of the body and she demonstrates the beginner, intermediate and advanced versions of the postures.

Leslie (blue_hydrangea)