Outstretched in Worship: A Christian Approach to Yoga: Session One

Susan Bordenkircher
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Yoga

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Warm-up: seated - breathing, neck stretches, toe/feet warm-up

standing - forward bend, mountain pose, three sun salutations with cat stretches, no updogs

balance work - modified airplane with one leg behind and hands overhead later in the pose

one sun salutation
extended leg stretch with hands clasped behind back
extended leg stretch with spinal twist
warrior II
reverse warrior
side angle stretch
standing with head back and arms and chest open wide
half sun sal then from downdog into child's pose

floor work - child's pose
side plank
side plank with top leg lifted
child's pose
modified one legged boat - one class member does full boat
seated spinal twist
supine spinal twest

Length: 42 minutes

Setting: outdoors on a large wooden patio

Music: quiet, contemporary Christian

The production quality is not the best but I do like this video. It is relaxing and uplifting for me and it is not too strenuous. This one is a keeper that I will do a lot.

Instructor Comments:
Instructor: I like Susan. She is personable and not at all intimidating. I'd like to take a class with her.