Om Yoga Beginner/Intermediate Class

Cyndi Lee
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga

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This workout did not get great reviews if any. I thought I'd review it at this time because I feel it is a good workout.

This is a beginner/intermediate Hatha Yoga workout. (more on the intermediate side)

This is a well chaptered DVD. It is all one workout. However it is well sequenced that you don't feel awkward doing the sections separately. All sections start appropriately and end with finishing poses.


Brand New Beginner Practice 11 minutes.

Beginner Practice 34 minutes.

Hatha Yoga Practice 45 minutes.

Energizing Practice 40 minutes.

Strengthening Practice 51 minutes.

Relaxing Practice 32 minutes.

Full Yoga Workout 80 minutes.

Cyndi is very descriptive and unique in her teaching. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

Her teaching style has a Buddhist feel even though it is Hatha Yoga. Cyndi starts the workout with an OM Chant and ends the class by reciting the Dedication Of Merit. This Dedication Of Merit is more like a Mindfulness Meditation. In which you wish yourself and all beings to be happy and free from suffering, to dwell in equanimity and to be free from attachment and aversion.

There is much inward focus in every pose. All the postures flow nicely from one into the other. Without feeling rushed in any pose.

This workout I say is more for the intermediate due to having some challenging poses. However if you just did separate sections you could exclude the challenging ones. Therefore making it accessible to the true beginner.

This is a solid Hatha Yoga workout that works your whole body and mind. I found that I prefer doing this workout as a whole rather than doing separate sections of it. I feel I get more out of it that way, body and mind.

She includes a tour of her OM YOGA center in New York City. I totally enjoyed that. I was born in Manhattan so I enjoyed seeing the sites of the city as well as her center. New York will always be home to me no matter where I end up living. Her center was a very tranquil place in the midst of all the cities activity. It was a refuge for many.

She also included some of her students comments on yoga and the classes they took and how they feel about OM YOGA center.

This DVD does includes alot of instruction. Also Cyndi demonstrates some postures along with her introduction. However during the workout she just instructs. Her voice is soft and friendly.


I can see reaching for this DVD from time to time. I feel it gives me a complete body and mind workout. I don't feel like my time was wasted.

Instructor Comments:
This is a very personable and friendly girl next door instructor. She welcomes you into her studio and office. She introduces you to her husband and dog and some employees. Nothing phony about her. She truly believes in her practice and its benefits for mind body health.