Liquid Asana, The Fluid Dance of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Micheline Berry
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

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This is a review of Liquid Asana 1.

I bought the Liquid Asana series when somebody here mentioned how much they loved it... quite a long time ago. I have done the first DVD twice now, and I absolutely love it.

A previous reviewer said this is what she'd hoped Shiva's Beginner Flow would be, and I agree completely. This is pretty basic, which is great for me right now. But it's beautifully shot, every move flows, she cues well and it just feels darn good. This one moves pretty slowly, even though it's a flow, so you can really feel what you're doing. There is a meditation at the end, which is just beautiful images and a beautiful song. Perfect, honestly. It is the opportunity to do your own meditation, and there's something about this workout that makes me want to do it. I last about 5 minutes right now, even though I think it goes for 8.

My only gripe (and it's a really minor one) is that each section is broken up and there's kind of a long pause in between each one. Not a big deal, though. It gave me the opportunity to sip water (and to remember that I had rice cooking on the stove that needed turning off!!!).

I haven't moved on to the other two yet, but I'm sure I'll like them, too.

Instructor Comments:
Great, in every way, honestly. This is a voiceover, and in the very beginning of the DVD, the cuing seemed a little "off" in that it came a little early. Either I realized later that it was perfect to get my to move without having to look at the screen, or it matched up better as time went on. She is calm, doesn't chatter, and I like her voice.

Fidget Queen


Liquid Asana 1 is truly accessible for beginners and is everything that I hoped Shiva Rea's Beginner Flow would be.

The music is very soothing and Micheline's pacing is very slow and steady. I found this very helpful as I'm working to rebuild my steadiness in doing asanas such as lunge flows; I never felt like I had to scramble to get into place to keep up with the practice.

Instructor Comments:
Beautiful presentation and a nice intro to vinyasa flow.



This comprehensive 3 dvd set offers excellent instruction, beautiful production and unique flowing sequences. Everything is slow and precise, very rhythmic. Micheline is a pleasure to watch, her demonstration flawless.

Uplifting music, featuring soft vocals and instrumentals, help to enhance the fluid movement (very enjoyable). The set has wood flooring, yellow walls and red curtains over 3 large windows (non distracting). Volume 3 features gorgeous outdoor settings from Bahla, Brazil.

Volume 1: A Full Spectrum Beginners Flow Practice (approx 75 minutes running time)


1. Prana Namaskar, awakening the breath

2. Liquid Asana Basics, waves, circles, spirals and undulations

3. Liquid Lunges, flowing with the breath

4. Liquid Power, standing vinyasa flow 1

5. Liquid Stretch, spinal waves and forward bends

6. Liquid Power, standing vinyasa flow 2

7. Liquid Stretch, shoulder and spine release

8. Opening the Heart, backbend flow 1

9. Liquid Stretch, forward bends, hip openers and spinal twists

10. Savasana, closing meditation

11. Liquid Meditation, liquid art montage

In this volume, you'll learn the basics of a vinyasa flow practice. Micheline then integrates this with the 4 "fluid dance" movements (circle, wave, spiral and undulation) to create a unique (and inspiring) session.

In between each flow, Micheline offers a "liquid stretch". Each focuses on different areas of the body that may be tight. The stretch also allows beginners to "slow down" between each flow, making it less intimidating. (intermediate/advanced students will appreciate the longer holds to really work into their poses)

Volume 2: A Full Spectrum Intermediate Flow Practice (approx 65 minutes running time)


1. Liquid Asana Opening, riding the inner wave

2. Liquid Power, vinyasa flow 3

3. Surya Namaskar, sun salutation flow

4. Liquid Power, standing and balancing poses

5. Liquid Lunges, deepening the flow

6. Opening the Heart, back bend flow

7. Liquid Stretch, forward bend flow 2

8. Liquid Meditation, liquid art montage

Volume 2 expands off of Volume 1, offering longer flows, strength work/toning and balance work. Just like #1, you'll begin to open up with undulations and circular motions. You'll continue intergrating the 4 fluid dance movements (circles, wave, spiral and undulation) throughout the practice.

More challenging than Volume 1, but still accessible to beginners, Micheline adds additional training elements and expands on the previous sequences. The sun salutation is brought into the mix and Micheline explores it fully. (her voice & instructions are clear and precise, very "liquid") You'll also tone the core and work on strengthening the upper and lower body.

Volume 3: Yoga Elixers to Quickly Tone, Energize and Rejuvenate


Yoga Elixer 1: Root Power, toning hips and legs
*Liquid Shakti, dancing squats and cats breath
*Liquid Shatki, power squats and forward bends
*Liquid Shatki, cats breath and spinal spiral
*Liquid Power, breath of fire and body waves

Yoga Elixer 2: Total Core Power, toning abs
*Liquid Fire, core power flow 1
*Liquid Fire, core power flow 2

Yoga Elixer 3: Dancing Warrior, full body flow
*Dancing Warrior, surya namaskar variation 1
*Dancing Warrior, surya namaskar variation 2
*Liquid Stretch, forward bends

Yoga Elixer 4: Liquid Stretch, rejuvenate
*Opening Poses
*Liquid Calm, hip opener flow
*Liquid Calm, forward bend flow
*Shoulder Stand

Volume 3, my favorite for busy days or to focus on one area of my practice, offers 4 yoga elixers each focusing on different aspects.

Elixer 1: Root Power (18 minutes)
Offering up several variations of yoga squats, forward bends and powerful moves, you'll tone and shape the lower body.

Elixer 2: Core Power (26 minutes)
Lots of variety, you'll tone the entire front, back and sides of the core.

Elixer 3: Dancing Warrior (15 minutes)
Beautiful to watch (both the outdoor scenery near a waterfall & Micheline's demonstrations draw the viewer in), you'll flow through a sequence that will tone, create heat (burn calories) and totally "immerse" you. The setting was appropriate as the flow is very liquid.

Elixer 4: Liquid Stretch (26 minutes)
This segment is great for a longer stretch following a cardio session. The deep stretches are often demonstrated with various degrees of difficulty. (allowing the viewer an opportunity to challenge themselves or stick with the easier pose) Lots of lower body hip openers.

This entire collection was well thought out and offers creative techniques to improve your practice.

Instructor Comments: