Lilias! Yoga For Better Health

Lilias Folan
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Yoga

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This is an absolute yoga beginner’s tape suitable for practically anyone. I am only slightly beyond yoga novice, though an intermediate exerciser overall, and really enjoy this tape as a supplement to my regular workouts on days when I have extra time; or, I use it as my total workout on my I-am-burnt-out-on-strenuous-exercise days. Much emphasis is on joint mobility which is something most videos never mention—even other yoga tapes typically talk only about flexibility which is a related (but actually different) topic, I believe.

Many of the exercises are done seated in a chair (not cross-legged) and no special props other than the chair are needed. None of the postures are demanding. In fact, this tape may fill your "exercise video habit" if you have down time due to slight injury. It is also a nice introduction to what Yoga can do for you. I very much like the pauses she includes where she asks you to observe the after-effects ("lovely echo" as she calls them in one of her tapes) of a given movement/posture. I also like how she says that your hamstring stretch should feel "zingy" but not painful.

The tape is 1 hour long and consists of 2 distinct 30 minute sessions. There is some "lecturing" about what yoga is all about but it is minimal and non-mystical. Some might feel that Lilias is talking down to them with her very basic approach but I like her gentle, easygoing, slightly maternal style.

Instructor Comments:
Lilias Folan is a middle-aged woman who introduced yoga to the masses through a show on PBS at one time. Her approach is very plain-spoken, non-mystical (mostly), gentle, warm & friendly, and rather maternal--perhaps even a bit patronizing for anyone wanting more a more detailed & sophisticated approach to Yoga. All in all, she has a down-to-earth and professional presence.

Annie O.