Lilias! Workout Series For Beginners

Lilias Folan
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Yoga

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The set includes 2 tapes, each with two 30 minute made for television episodes. Each yoga session has a focus: inner smile, stretching, meditation, and breathing. You do many different postures as well as different ways to loosen up. I recommend this set for anyone with back pain, because you will feel so much better afterwards. Lilias is good at reminding you to not watch the TV set during the pose, and will often show you how first, then do it with you. She will sometimes pause inbetween to talk about yoga briefly, so I use that time to do something she previously did. Because of the slow pace, it makes a good yoga tape for those stay at home parents who might get an interuption or two. Even though the sessions are short, there are a lot of different moves thrown in. Not a lot of poses for strength, but mostly for stretching out your back & shoulders. That is what I like about it. One negative, the quality of the tape is poor.

Instructor Comments:
These are Lilias' TV shows, that have been made into a video, so she talks more compared to her other videos. The talking is instruction, except for the first 3 minutes during the introduction. Some might not like her style, but I appreciate the form pointers. Lilias' videos always make my back and neck feel great. She not only does yoga postures, but includes many other unique moves and stretches that I haven't seen in any other videos.

Lorrie G.