Kundalini Yoga for Relaxation

Nirvair Singh Khalsa

Categories: Yoga

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First of all, this is like no other yoga tape I own. At first I thought - No! But it did leave me feeling good, in a wierd way.

Part 1 aimed at beginners - around 30 minutes, part 2 - slightly more advanced - around 40 minutes.

OK, so the instructor is rather deadpan and monotone, I kept looking for a change of expression. But when I did part 2, I managed to ignore that. There's a bit of mantra chanting, which is new to me, but is apparently helpful in mellowing out the brainwaves or something - and it did seem to work. The format is wierd to me though, I am used to flows, and this is NOT flow. Neither is it a yoga video made up of asanas in succession, like say Strength and Spirit (see review above) or Kripaly yoga. It;s totally different. Both workouts start off with simple stretches of all parts of the body, held for about 5 seconds each. Then crossed leg sitting cat back and forward in quick succession, and rotations at the waist. Then relaxation. That's part 1. Part 2 is the same but includes longer held floor poses which are more what I'm used to - such as bridge. This bridge though goes up and down quite speedily for about a minute. At the end of both relaxations, you sing a song dedicating the way you feel to someone you love. And partway thru both sections, there's more mantra work.

So - this is definitely NOT for those who don't like woo-woo stuff. I don't mind it, so long as the effect is right:) Can't imagine doing this practice with anyone around though!

Oh - one more thing - I thought the whole thing about Kundalini was the breathing, Breathe of Fire, specifically. There's no mention of it in this tape - there is one small section where you are instructed to sniff the breathe in 5 sniffs and and exhale forcibly, but that's it.

Instructor Comments:
The instructor is rather deadpan and monotonous in tone.