Kemetic Yoga Volume 1

Elvrid Lawrence

Categories: Yoga

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This interesting yoga workout is billed as “The Ancient Egyptian System of Yoga.” I had never heard of it, but saw it up for sale on eBay and decided to give it a try. Volume 1 is about 25 minutes, and at a beginner level. It is meant as an introduction to Kemetic Yoga. The poses are very similar to Hatha, but many have a slight difference – for example, “mummy” is svasana except your hands are crossed over your chest. I did find it very appealing even though it was too easy. If I could find an advanced or intermediate version, I would buy it right away. I should mention that the video quality is poor, if that bothers you. Usually it bothers me, too, but I found the workout to be interesting enough that I could overlook that.

Annie S.