Kabbalah Yoga Ambitious Beginners

Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga

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First off to say this is ambitious is certainly correct. I feel for the newbie to yoga that picks this up as their intro, which could easily happen since I picked up mine at Target. I do not think in any way, shape, or form that this is a beginners video. There is no instruction at all on how to get into the poses or transition from pose to pose. It is a female voice over who announces the name of the pose and then gives info on the meaning of the pose itself. I was shocked at the lack of instruction and form pointers especially since it is marketed towards beginners. I also feel that it includes poses that should NOT be on a beginners video such as crow, wheel, and shoulder stand just to name a few.

The dvd has a few options at the beginning which include the main program, modified program, areilla's asanas, and a primer on Kabbalah. I think I may have forgotten one. I have done the main and modified progam, viewed the asanas but couldn't get the primer to work past the first page (it is just text material). I saw no difference between the main and modified program except the camera focuses more on the male background exerciser who is performing modifications of the poses. Areilla's asanas were basically her showing advanced poses with or without a "helper".

The set has a very light blue, almost white background (looks like curtains) with some painted circle things that are on the front of the dvd covers. The floor is mainly white with what looks to be splash painting on it of different colors. There are also numerous candles lighted throughout. I thought it was kind of an odd set but it did not bother me. The lead is Ariella along with 3(?) female background exercisers and one male who shows some modifications. I really didn't pay much attention to what they were wearing, I think I recall red and black and they all have those red strings tied around thier wrists. The music is by Jai Uttal and I really am not too sure how to describe it but it seemed to fit the workout and I enjoyed it.

The workout clocks in at around 35 minutes and seems to pack in quite a bit for that time period. The pace seemed quick (but not to much so) but I am definitely no expert.

The poses are as follows:
Start out with 3 chants of Shalohm (sp?)
Then proceed to the section they call Preparing for the Light
Easy Pose w/ Twist
Cat-Cow Stretch
Balance Table
Thread the Needle
Plank to upward dog
Downward dog hold ankle
Forearm push up
Standing Forward Bend
Standing Spilt with Twist

Then proceed to the section they call Non-Reactivity
Warrior I
Warrior II
Yoga Mudra Warrior
Extended Side Angle Pose
Lunge with Prayer Twist
Half Moon
Wide Legged Forward bend, and then a variation of this
Wide Legged Revolved Triangle
Pyramid Head to Knee Pose
Tree pose
Prayer Squat
Balancing Bear
One Legged Forward Bend
One Legged Side Bend
Half Upward boat
Half seated twist
Staff Pose
Seated forward bend
Eastern Plank
Wind Relieving Pose
Shoulder Stand
Boat Prep
One legged spinal twist
Roll up to easy pose

Then to what they call their Fighting Inertia section which is basically
Final Relaxation

Despite some of the major drawbacks (lack of instruction) I did enjoy this practice. I liked the pace and felt worked and stretched out after I was finished. I am mainly a dabbler in yoga but over the last few months have really seemed to click with it. Just for reference sake some of my faves include Yoga Complete For Everybody (Bodywisdom), PY4H, some of the older GAIAM/Living Arts series and recently I have really been enjoying Kundalini Yoga with Ravi and Anna.

Oh, one more thing the dvd is not chaptered at all from what I could tell. When I hit the skip button it just took me straight to the next section on the main menu not the next pose.

Jeanette (janzia)

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