Jungle Yoga

Larry Schultz

Categories: Yoga

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I didnít know what I was buying when I ordered this (from itsyoga.net), but I thought the title was pretty cool. :) I lucked out Ė itís definitely a keeper. This is a 1-hour and 15-minute modified Ashtanga primary series workout. Itís not as tough as the full primary series, but itís still pretty tough. The back cover describes it as intermediate. I suppose it is intermediate as far as Ashtanga goes, but donít expect a walk in the park. The production is excellent Ė as the name would imply, itís shot in a jungle Ė actually Costa Rica. Most of it takes place in what looks like a jungle hut, but outdoor scenes are shown, too. The only downside is the music they chose. Itís has sort of a jazzy flavor to it Ė not something I would associate with yoga, and especially not ďjungle yoga.Ē I expected jungle drums or something. The music isnít bad, but different, more appropriate, music would enhance the workout. The tape is a little pricey -- $30. That does include the postage, though, although they donít tell you that on their web site. Grade A.

Annie S.