Jivamukti Yoga-Balancings

Sharon Gannon, David Guess

Categories: Yoga

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This is the first set of DVD's for the New YorkJivamukti Center. As such it is not creatively produced but is functional. The setting is a stark room in a cabin. It is snowing outside. Sharon and David do the vinyasa with no easy variations. This is an intermediate/advanced class which is 75 minutes long. The DVD is a set with DVD/CD in the package. The DVD has an added meditation section. The DVD is not chaptered. There is a long introduction that you will have to fast forward thru after the first time. This class was hard for me since I have been doing Kundalini yoga for 3 years and had stopped doing vinyasa completely. I have always loved Jivamukti yoga because it interweaved yoga philospophy into the practice.

This DVD is balancing which has a lot of standing poses and hip openers.

The asansas are:

Sun saluation A & B (Jivamukti style- 1 breathe per movement)
Warrior to Sage sequence
standing poses- This includes a pose where you stand sideways on your mat and put your heels at the back and your palms at the front. You raise your leg to side--first free style and then holding on to your big toe. This is so hard but great for your hips.

balances- crow pose, twisting hand to foot pose. side bending tree.

forward bend- includes lotus series - awesome!

backbending - locus, bow and wheel.

shoulderstand sequence-- shoulder stand held for 75 breathes. Next time I will use a blanket. Variations on plow.

Relaxation and mediation -- which ends rather quickly.

All in all this is a class to grow with. I could only do about half of the poses. This DVD is only available at jivamuktiyoga.com or at your yoga studio, if you're lucky. They have another one that emphasizes backbends. I'll let you know how that one is as soon as I get it.

Instructor Comments:
Sharon and Davide are a little quirky but Sharon is a good and descriptive instructor