Intermediate Yoga

Stephanie Foster
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Yoga

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This is a really nice beginnerís tape, but it is not intermediate at all, as the title says. Itís an hour-long stretch/yoga workout divided into 3 sections: stretching, light ab work, and introductory yoga. There are breaking points between each of the sections, so itís easy to do just one if you want to. Stephanie Foster gives great instruction, and she moves slowly and holds poses/moves for awhile, so itís good for someone looking for ďgentleĒ yoga. While itís a decent tape for what it is, I donít agree with the title at all Ė this one is about as hard as the easiest of the Yoga Zones, to put it into perspective.

Annie S.


This is one of my absolute favorite videos. The stretches are excellent and thorough. It is broken down into 3 parts. Stretching, ab/backwork, and standing and balancing poses. I like the fact that she stretches the feet and ankles as well as the neck and shoulders. I also like the intense ab work that is usually skimmed over in most yoga/stretch tapes. There are 2 other pupils in the tape and they do modifications of the poses. I think if you have had some dance background you will love this tape even more. She also has a beg. yoga, but is is just to short and to basic. I recommend the intermediate tape.

Instructor Comments:
Stephanie has been a dancer and her form is superb. I highly recommend this tape if you want a thorough stretch.