Body Bar: Ball Basics

Mindy Mylrea
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Total Body Workouts

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I received this workout on VHS as a SASE from a kind VF member. I liked it so much, I bought it on DVD, even though I think the price of $19.99 plus shipping for a 30 minute workout is a bit high (it used to be available with Equanimity, but now it is on its own). Mindy Mylrea leads the workout and Lashaun Dale and Clare Dunphy are in the background. Sometimes they do the same moves as Mindy and sometimes they show easier modifications; for some moves, Mindy also demonstrates a more advanced option. It is a CIA set with a bright red wall with some decorative touches and a hardwood floor. It is clean and well lit and I like it. The music has a good strong beat, it feels energetic and matches the workout well. Mindy is known for some tough workouts meant for advanced exercisers, but this one is accessible to low intermediates and probably even advanced beginners; you could make it harder by increasing the amount of weight you use. Mindy is a live wire and the 30 minutes pretty much flies by; there is no dread factor for me. I've toyed with the idea of buying a body bar to use with this workout, but it really isn't necessary (especially since I don't have any other workouts that use one). I am able to complete the moves just fine using dumbbells or an 8# medicine ball and still feel like I'm getting something out of it.

Instructor Comments:
Petite, very fit, chatty and funny. I bet she is a hoot in person!



Warm-up (move the ball from side to side, up/down, and bouncing while either stepping side-side or doing side lunges)
Seated overhead presses using the body bar
Alternate leg raises w/ OH presses
Bicep curls w/ inner thigh ball squeeze
Rows lying face down on ball
Ball roll in/out w/ feet on ball (body bar on pelvis)
Oblique crunch lying sideways on ball (bar optional)
Leg lifts lying sideways on ball (body bar on leg)
Bridges (hip raises) w/ bar across pelvis & shoulder/head on ball (she added alternating leg raises)

Mindy added these during stretch, they're a bit more adv. than I am:
Plank position, moving forward on ball from feet to knees into push-up rolling ball back under feet
Plank position w/ ball under pelvis/thighs, alternating leg to floor and back

I used a 10.5 lb body bar and felt like I got a good w/o in 30 min. Some of the moves where you raise your leg while balancing and lifting the bar were a bit challenging for me. The music was pretty good, translation--nice driving bass. I consider this a nice intermediate w/o. This DVD also has Equanimity by LaShaun Dale, which is really good too. It has a mix&match menu so you can choose from either w/o to customize your own w/o.

Instructor Comments:
Mindy was a bit chatty toward the end talking about playing ball w/ your kids, dog, etc. It was not much but I guess I see how people could get tired of hearing that.