I'd Rather Be Doing More Yoga

JJ Gormley

Categories: Yoga

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This is an intermediate/advanced hatha yoga workout. Itís shot indoors with a large class and the production quality is good. J.J. does deep stretching, backbends, headstands, handstands, and much more. Some poses are advanced. This is not power yoga (my first love), but definitely an excellent tape. Grade A. (Available from Sun & Moon Yoga Studio, 888-786-9642.)

Instructor Comments:

Annie S.


This is a very nice video. It's definitely intermediate/advanced and would be best for people who have some yoga experience. The set is a yoga studio. JJ Gormley is the instructor. She teaches a class of men and women of various ages, sizes, and flexibility levels. This is not a power yoga tape. There are no sun salutations. The style seems more like Iyengar to me. The poses are held for a long time and some students use props: blocks, straps, blankets, folding chair, etc. There is also very nice music (no vocals) that was loud enough to hear.

The workout begins with some seated stretches, a few lunges, and down dogs. Next was handstand and headstand. Some students did modifications for the inversions. Standing poses follow. They include warrior 1,2, and 3, triangle, revolved triangle, side angle pose, half moon, revolved half moon, standing forward bend, and wide angle standing forward bend. She does 3 poses on one side with down dog in between before repeating the same poses on the other side. After the standing poses were backbends: bow pose, camel pose and wheel. Then some lying twists to release the back. Next were arm balances. Again, some students modified these. There's a long shoulder stand sequence with various leg positions. Some students did legs up the wall pose with blankets instead. Fish pose and relaxation fininshed the workout.

I really enjoyed this workout. It was pretty challenging for me, but it is definitely something I can grow with.

Instructor Comments:
I really liked this instructor. She reminds you not to take the workout too seriously "it's only yoga". She also stresses feeling the pose from the inside out and not straining. Her frequent reminders to relax your face were helpful, too.