Heart to Heart, Connecting to your Baby

April Bernardi
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

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April and her 35 week pregnant assistant, Jennifer, take you through a gentle practice. This will prepare you for delivery and ease any pregnancy discomforts.

The session is approximately 35 minutes. The setting is warm and inviting. Excellent production quality. The music is pretty and relaxing.

You'll begin with tuning in and breathing. Then you'll move into gentle neck rolls and big arm circles. A nice moving side to side stretch creates space in your body. Many moves release pressure in the spine.

Not much verbal cues, April describes the move and then you'll perform it repeatedly listening to the music and concentrating on the breath. (this was designed to help you focus during delivery)

I'm not pregnant and am a Kundalini yoga beginner and found this workout to be gentle and relaxing. It helped open up some tight spots in my hips and lower back (so I'd recommend it to non pregnant practioners for those reasons).

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