Hatha Yoga: Preparation for Meditation

Year Released: 1989

Categories: Yoga

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The idea behind this workout is to get you ready to sit for meditation. You start with about 30 minutes of yummy stretches to open the hips, to prepare you to sit in lotus. The instructor gives really good information on how to know if youíre ready for full lotus. Then come stretches to open the lung/torso area to prepare for pranayama. The last section is pranayama itself. I found this great for the hip area; mine felt very nice afterward. But Iím not a meditator, so I wouldnít use it for that. Iím not sure where you can get this tape if youíre looking for it. Itís produced by Syda Video. Theyíve made a number of tapes, but I got mine on eBay, so I donít know where to point anyone. The address on the video label is PO Box 600, South Fallsburg, NY 12779, but itís dated 1989, so the information may not be current.

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Annie S.