The Fundamentals of Power Yoga

Hilaire Lockwood
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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Setting: Very pretty inside a studio. (light wood flooring, candles)

Music: Very serene and works well with the session.


Full Practice

Instructional (Here Hilaire takes one student and goes through the practice demonstrating one for beginners, one for intermediate and the last for advanced students)


Kim demonstrates beginner modifications, Ryan shows intermediate and Misty takes it up a notch demonstrating the advanced version of all poses.
Child's pose begins the 60 minute class. After remaining here several minutes, down dog follows. Standing forward fold helps to release the upper body. Plank pose will help develop core muscles. Several times you'll repeat the down dog, forward fold, plank/chattaranga, up dog sequence. This sun salute prepares the body for additional poses. Hilaire does this slowly and with control. Chair pose will tighten lower body. Lifting one leg up in down dog, you'll then move into Warrior 1. (again watch Kim for modifications) Repeat sun salute B on other side. This sequence is also repeated several times and Hilaire will add poses as you move along. Warrior 2, side angle and triangle are added. You'll develop strength with the amount of time spent holding each pose. Half moon & tree will test your balance. After about 49 minutes, Hilaire changes emphasis to floor poses. Seated forward bend begins. Butterfly pose opens the groin/pelvic area and stretches the inner thighs. 1/2 and full boat will strengthen the core. Next up is bridge followed by a wonderful lying spinal twist. Corpse pose concludes this well developed practice that beginners will find easy to follow and more advanced students will still find challenging.

Instructor Comments:
Hilaire does not mirror cue so when she states her left, this will be your right. Hilaire instructs and 7 students demonstrate the poses. She uses the traditional sanskrit and also the westernized vocabulary so anyone not familiar with sanskrit can follow.