Flowing Yoga, Volume 1

Clear Waters

Categories: Yoga

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This is a 30-minute stretch-type yoga workout. It starts with a few minutes of breathing, followed by 20 yoga poses. Although it¡¦s called ¡§flowing¡¨ yoga, it doesn¡¦t flow ¡V in most cases, you just go from one posture to the next with no transition. I found the instructor¡¦s verbal cues very confusing, which is puzzling because these are basic yoga poses and I¡¦m very experienced. I can¡¦t even pinpoint why I found her confusing; I think part of it is that she gives very quick, almost rushed, instructions, and then is quiet during the holding of the poses. In any case, the poses are not complicated, so if you¡¦ve done yoga before, you can catch up with her pretty quick. The video is well-produced with nice outdoor nature scenery. In fact, at the very beginning of the video, you see several people meditating in a pretty green field and cute little bunnies are hopping around. I liked that ƒº As for the workout as a whole, I would call it good if you¡¦re looking for some good stretching in a short amount of time. However, it doesn¡¦t really have anything new or better than many other workouts.

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Annie S.