Flexible Warrior Series

Karen Dubs
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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These smooth, easy to follow routines feel more athletic than "mystical". Using traditional yoga, the emphasis is on stretching and muscle recuperation. Developed for athletes, you'll gain all the benefits of yoga including flexibility, strength and balance. (anyone, even non triathletes, will benefit from this well thought out program) All three dvds are structured that they are great stand alone workouts or part of a well structured program that assists the athlete in gaining flexibility, strength, and balance. Karen utilizes poses purposefully selected to achieve a specific goal. The participant can choose to do the entire dvd or choose individual chapters to key in on the areas they need the most benefit. Volume 3 is suggested by Karen for anyone new to yoga (or choose to do the Flexibility sequence of Volume 1, as the sequences are shorter and very "stretch specific".

Volume 1: Flexible Warrior Athletic Yoga for Triathletes

Each chapter is approximately 30 minutes in length.


Includes core conditioning (working abdominals & back) and poses to generate heat and warm you up. Some of the ab work is tough (such as levitation holds). After sequences for the front core, Karen works the entire back area. Core training is essential to the athlete because lots of power is generated from the core area.


Longer holds will test your endurance and athletic poses enhance strength (and help tone the body). You'll also work your balance in this section. Holding poses will benefit athletes ability to focus. Many poses in this segment are more intermediate/advanced so prior yoga experience may be beneficial.


Deeper stretches will reduce tension and muscle fatigue. As Karen suggests, this section would be good for those new to yoga. She works through the entire body leaving nothing untouched.

(as always it's best to be warm prior to stretching so a quick warmup would be recommended if not doing this segment after your chosen sport or maybe after the Energy sequence)

Volume 2: Cross Training for Multi Sport

Energy: (22 min.)

Karen takes you through a nice sequence to build energy throughout the body. A sun salute begins to warm you up. You'll burn some calories as you flow through the segment.

Core: (20 min.)

This session begins with a core lift (blocks are used as a modification). Boat pose follows with twist variations. Karen intermixes traditional core work (crunches/twists) within the yoga poses to really tone and define the entire abdominal region. This segment packs a punch!

Power: (28 min.)

You'll perform one energy sequence to warm you up and prepare the body for the powerful poses. This segment is challenging and will increase total body strength (all while helping to add definition).

Balance: (22 min.)

Karen chose poses that specifically work on the balance. (as an added bonus, you'll develop greater concentration & focus)

Volume 3: Flexibility for Swim, Bike, Run

Energy: (14 min.)

In this segment you'll begin with the breath. You'll move slowly through the poses. This segment is good to use prior to any of the other sequences to ensure the muscles are warm & ready to stretch.

Flexibility for Swimmers: (12 min.)

Focusing on shoulder stability and range of motion, you'll work through poses that will benefit swimmers.

Flexibility for Cyclists: (20 min.)

Upper back, middle and lower back stretches are the emphasis here. Also included are hip/chest opener poses which help counteract the bent over position maintained while cycling.

Flexibility for Runners: (22 min.)

Lots of stretches for the lower body including the IT band, back of ankles/calves, quads/hamstrings and the hip flexors. Sometimes suggestions for props, such as straps, are demonstrated for those that are less flexible.

Instructor Comments:
Precise cueing, detailed technique tips and a warm attitude will ensure the viewer gains the most benefits(and also help prevent injury).

Denise Ruble