Find Balance

David Lurey

Categories: Yoga

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No music during the practice but I didn't feel it took away from the practice. The setting is very nice and relaxing---set outside near the ocean.

The chapters are as follows:

Intro Sequence
Surya Namaskara A
Wave I
Wave II


Begin in cross legged position, close eyes and breathe. Be conscious of your body & prepare for the sequences that follow. Move into down dog modified, straightening one leg down fully & then the other. Now full down dog then walk up to hands. Dangle forward, arms crossed, relax. Then move arms down & then back behind you lacing fingers & let arms drop overhead. Drop one knee to opposite shoulder & twist, then repeat twist to the other side. Feel the length in your legs and the stretch in your chest. Move back into forward bend with hands to floor. Roll up slowly & deliberately. Roll shoulders several times. Lift arms overhead, interlace fingers, palms in the air. Lean to right, repeat left. Next hands together, pointer finger in the air, & do a gentle backbend to open front of body.

Surya Namaskara A:

Begin at front of mat, begin the sun salutation sequence. David repeats this several times before moving onto lunges.


Deep lunges will tone your legs & stretch the muscles deeply. Many variations are shown. David performs a couple sun salutes during this sequence.

Wave I:

Beginning in down dog, bring right leg up behind you and lift left heel then bend right knee over to the side. Bring same knee to nose then bring it back & into a lunge. Twist. Heel toe over into a deep lunge which will really stretch the groin. Next take that forward leg & straighten it. Flex that foot and deeply stretch that right hamstring. Now point toes. Next up is side bend pose. Keep right toes pointed front, swivel knee and side bend over the right leg. Now go up & over, stretching to the left (you can also do a one arm balance here to advance the pose) Sit down with left foot to right thigh, take left hand to right knee, twist. Turn center & forward fold over that right leg. Counter twist to the left. Then reach over with right hand to right foot. Straighten legs & go into boat pose. Perform sun salute and do all poses now with left leg leading. Next is a balance move on forearms and legs up in the air. Child's pose into down dog.

Wave II:

Step into triangle, then go to balance on right leg, right hand on floor in front of you. Extend top left arm & leg then go into Warrior II. Reverse warrior follows to stretch the back body. Then straighten that bent leg to further enhance the stretch. Now pivot into wide legged standing fold. (advanced version takes you up into tripod headstand) Side bend over to left foot, then perform an isometric tension stretch by grasping the ankle and pull. Move over to right foot & repeat the isometric tension stretch. Sit with both legs up into boat pose. Push up, up dog, down dog then repeat entire set on left side.


Right leg up in air, then move it into pigeon pose. Release any tension in that hip. Draw left foot up (while still in pigeon) & hold that foot. Release left leg to floor & pick that knee up. While holding this you'll stretch to the right in a twist. Down dog, push up, up dog, down dog the repeat pigeon on left side.


Hop to seated forward fold. Backbends are next. Bridge pose is 1st followed by wheel. Repeat bridge/wheel one more time. Then lay on back with legs open, surrendering the low back. Next rock up, jump into push up, up dog, down dog & then into another forward fold. Shoulder stands are next. Several variations are shown.


Final relaxation finishes the practice.

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