Egyptian Yoga Volume 1

Asar Hapi
Year Released: 1990

Categories: Yoga

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This is not really a workout video, but an instructional one. Iím reviewing it because it wasnít clear to me when I bought it that it wasnít a workout, so I hope this review helps others make a good decision if they run across it. I found this on eBay for $3.99. Unfortunately, I donít know where else you can buy it if youíre looking for it. This video starts with a very interesting half-hour explaining the philosophy and history of Egyptian yoga. Thereís a lot of cool stuff here. For example, Dr. Hapi says the Egyptian pyramids weíre all so familiar with represent the human nose. (Iím paraphrasing.) The nose is somewhat of a triangular shape like a pyramid. The two nostrils, represented by the base of the pyramid, also represent the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems and also sun and moon. He is basically saying that the breath is of prime importance, as you hear in other styles of yoga, although in different ways. There are many other interesting things in this lecture. The lecture is followed by a 30-minute demonstration of a traditional Egyptian yoga sequence. Although you *could* follow along and make this a workout if you wanted to, itís really not meant that way. Dr. Hapi doesnít give any instruction, he just demonstrates and talks about the purpose of the moves. I think some of the poses would be difficult to follow without instruction because you are turning around in several places. So, do I regret buying this? For $3.99, no. Even if I had paid, say, $9.99, Iíd still be okay with it. Itís not what I expected, but it turned out to be an informative and enlightening hour.

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