Endless Possibilities Yoga

Marsha Metzger
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

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Endless Possibilities Yoga is a basic beginner practice. This is not power yoga, as there is no steady flow in the sequence. Each posture is demonstrated, then prior to the next posture, a picture of outdoor scenery is shown. This allows a true beginner time to set up into the next posture.


This was filmed outdoors. No voice over as Marsha talks you through the postures. The music was instrumental and had a lovely beat to it.


The workout is 30 minutes in length. It begins with warmups. This is the sequence of the moves in this section:

Seated rotation with legs crossed, both sides

Head rotations

Feet together, inner thigh stretch

Legs in wide-V, forward fold reaching for toes

Another inner thigh stretch completes the warmups.

The next section is the Asanas. Again, each posture is repeated twice and then Marsha moves onto another one. Here is the sequence:

Downward facing dog

Child's pose

Warrior 1



Boat pose


Knee down twist

After the final twist, you will go into final relaxation. This practice is for true beginners, as more intermediate/advanced yoga practioners may find it moves too slow.

Marsha's website is www.yogaom.com

Instructor Comments:
Marsha, a childhood cancer survivor and amputee, utilizes clear instruction to demonstrate the moves.