Abs Of Steel Target Toning

Dawn Pappas, Michelle Dozois, Robin Retherford
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Abs/Core

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There is a lot of variety in this workout, but a lot of the exercises are really uncomfortable. This tape is about 29 minutes long, with a 6 minute warm up, 20 minutes of ab work and a 3 minute cool down. I didn't feel that I worked my abs that hard at all with this tape and I was expecting to be aching after 20 minutes of exercises! I get more of an intense ab workout with the Firm in their 5-6 minutes of exercises. I was truly disappointed but I learned my lesson. I'll stick with the Firm 5-day abs and Keli Roberts Abs and More when I want a really intense workout for the abs.

Quality of the video is much better than previous Buns of Steel and the music is good.

Overall, very disappointed. Rating: D.

Instructor Comments:
Not too impressed, but they are enjoyable to watch and listen to. It's probably just because I didn't care for this video very much. Their cueing is fine.

Julianne Johnston


The workout is 30 minutes long and does a variety of ab workout styles, including planks (many on the knees).

This was back when planks were not on every workout dvd out there, and the were something of a novelty.

I found some of the ab work super challenging (the oblique leg raise thing). Alot of it worked your abs while standing on one leg and lifting the other leg.

I think back in the day (1997?) this tape would have seemed very innovative. Now it was surprisingly fun and NOT dated seeming.

The music was decent in this one as well.

Instructor Comments:
Dawn's form looked a little off at times - especially during the warmup - I preferred to watch Robin for my cues.

But Dawn was friendly and encouraging.

Michelle Dozois and Robin Retherford were the background exercisers.