Easy Yoga

Leann Carey
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Yoga

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Yesterday I did Easy Yoga by Leeann Carey for the first time. This gentle hatha yoga practice is about 60 minutes long. It begins with a nice 15 minute breathing meditation, lying on the floor with the legs resting on a chair.

The session moves very slowly from pose to pose. Cat Pose, Child's Pose, Mountain Pose, Half Sun Salutation "A", Triangle Pose, prep for Downward Dog using a chair, Downward Dog, Bridge Pose using a strap, Reclining Twist, ending with Corpse Pose.

The set is a softly lit corner of a white room. A minimal set of a bare wooden floor and her yoga mat. There is little music. You will need a chair, blanket, mat and strap.

This is a beginner yoga tape that was actually MADE for beginners. (Unlike many other so-called "beginner" yoga workouts which are difficult and intimidating.) The pace is extremely slow and she gives many form pointers.

I got this DVD in a trade. The chaptering is minimal. It was produced by New World Video located in Britain.

Instructor Comments:
Ms. Carey is calm, serene and has a soothing voice. She is not super flexible. She gives numerous form pointers. She mentions the benefits of yoga, but the woo-woo factor is very low.