Ease Into Ashtanga with Yoga Hawaii

Tania Jo Ingraham, Rupali
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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Some unique features to this enjoyable yoga workout make it stand out from the crowd: Choose from one of any of the 5 sequences (which are great for time constraints or customizing your own practice), 3 different audio tracks (making each session feel "new"), and an interactive link on screen that takes you directly to an in depth training session for that particular pose (great for beginners).

The entire session is about 75 minutes in length. The dvd is wonderfully chaptered as follows:

Full Flow
*The Prayer
*Sun Salutes A
*Sun Salutes B
*Standing Postures
*Seated Postures
*Finishing Postures

Shortened Flows
*Short Flow A: 30 minutes
*Short Flow B: 40 minutes
*Short Flow C: 50 minutes
*Short Flow D: 60 minutes

The workout is done in voice over (viewers choice) and the beautiful outdoor scenery enhances the visual aspect. The music is soft and non distracting. (composed by renowned British musician and composer Rob Palmer)

Clear instructions and detailed form tips make it a great practice for beginner and advanced students. The instructors do not "mirror cue" so if they state place your left foot forward, this would be the viewers right foot. The full class offers multiple levels of capabilities demonstrated all at the same time.(you can watch someone who closely matches your flexibility, etc)

The opening prayer helps to set the intention of what you'd like to gain from the workout. The sun salutations are not rushed, offering plenty of time to get in and out of the poses. The strong standing postures will tighten and tone the lower body. (you'll gain muscular strength while enhancing flexibility) The deeper stretches of the seated poses will reduce tension and muscle fatigue.

This is a well developed sequence that will benefit all fitness levels. You'll develop better balance and flexibility, tone your body and relieve everyday stress. With 3 1/2 hours of material, it's a wonderful tool for enhancing anyone's personal practice.


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