Demystified Yoga, Volume 1

Heidi Valenzuela
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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Production: Well done with good lighting and proper focus on the instructor.

Set: Nice studio set with hardwood floors, brick walls on one side, a blue wall on another and a tan wall on the 3rd wall. A few accent pieces complete the set. (visually nice)

The dvd has the following chapters:

*30 Minute Class

*60 Minute Class

*Helpful Hints for Common Poses

Both the 30 minute and 60 minute sessions put the focus on the physical aspects, eliminating the chanting and Sanskrit pose names. (you'll gain all of yoga's benefits in plain language you'll understand)

30 Minute Class:

Heidi demonstrates the poses alone with easy to understand cueing. All levels of participants will be able to follow. No power yoga sequencing as everything is slow and deliberate. You'll gain strength and flexibility without unnecessary poses. (if any of the poses seem hard, such as down dog, check out the Helpful Hints section for additional tips from Heidi) Heidi demonstrates the poses in accessible ways which allows the beginner to master the pose. You'll feel stretched out from head to toe after this well balanced short sequence. You'll finish with relaxation to conclude the session.

60 Minute Session:

In this session, Heidi has 2 background exercisers, Megan & Judy, working out with her. (so you can follow the individual that is working out to your fitness level) You'll begin with the breath in easy seated pose. Dynamic arm movements begin to warm you up and prepare you for the more vigourous standing/balance poses in this session. Again, the movements are fluid and rhythmic. (you'll feel loose and gently stretched out) Lots of variety so you'll grow with the practice. The poses are gentle enough that even a true beginner can participate. Heidi concludes the session with a final relaxation.

These 2 practices provide a straight forward approach to yoga. No fancy yoga-instead you'll get easy to understand descriptions of body position and movement. You'll gain a solid introduction to yoga (posture awareness, strength & flexibility gains) without any of the spiritual aspects.

Instructor Comments:
Heidi's cueing is precise and encouraging.