Daily Dose of Dharma

Danica McKellar
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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Professionally produced in 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, wide screen with beautiful scenery. (very lush and visually stunning) Designed and narrated by certified yoga instructor, Christy Marsden, you'll find 10-20 minute sessions to fit any schedule and/or fitness level. The meditation is guided by Danica's mother, Mahaila McKellar. She is a renowned meditation expert with over 20 years of experience. The set includes 2 discs.

Disc one contains 4 yoga sessions (each with it's own chapter so the participant can pick & choose what they want to focus their personal practice on that day). Beautiful voice over narration by Christy throughout all the practices (except for Yoga Basics where Christy guides Danica in a one on one session).

Yoga Basics: This is a great session for true beginners (or anyone who wants to work on proper form and alignment). Danica's personal yoga instructor, Christy Marsden, takes her through various poses concentrating on form. Christy provides lots of instruction and tips to ensure safety and enhance the benefits you'll gain from the other practices. This session demonstrates some basic poses such as Down Dog, Standing Fold, Bridge and Warrior II. Christie also shares some tips on how to get the most benefit from all the yoga sessions.

Stress Relief: Danica performs this session on the sand with the waves of the ocean in the background. (the peaceful setting enhances the stress relieving benefits) Gentle pelvic rolls in Easy pose begin to open up the spine and release tension. Next you'll move to all 4's position (on hands and knees) and perform the undulations to continue to rotate the spine and open up the hips. Release in Childs pose. Next you'll move to Down Dog (lots of form tips to ensure safety for those with tight hamstrings). Wide Angle Stretch follows. A nice side stretch (Revolving Head to Knee pose) opens up the side body. The pace is slow so you'll gain lots of flexibility. Head to Knee pose is next which helps to release the muscles of the legs. Reclining Cobblers pose relaxes and stretches the groin & inner thighs. Next you'll perform a few knee to chest pulls in a rhythmic pace set to the breath. Lying twists release tension throughout the body. You'll conclude the practice with a relaxing corpse pose, focusing on the breath.

Energizing: Starting in Mountain pose you'll progress through the Sun Salutation A series. Standing poses also include Warrior II, Extended Side Angle pose and Triangle pose. Tree pose works on balance. (the standing postures will work to increase your energy) Boat pose works the entire core area. Locust and Bow poses work the back and help to stretch the chest (and help to continue to build heat through the body). Childs pose to rest. You'll then move into a seated twist. (Sage Twist pose) Reclining Outer Hip Release pose done lying on your back will release all the tension from the hip area. Final relaxation completes the session.

Gentle Healing: Starting in crossed leg position, you'll perform the poses in a slow and rhythmic pace. (it's suggested to do what you can and stop if necessary) Victorious breathing begins to relax the participant and helps you feel better. Cat/Cow pose opens the chest and rounds the spine. (all poses follow the breath) Down Dog follows which helps lengthen the spine. Next you'll move to Standing Forward Fold. Seated Forward Fold follows. The slow pace allows participants to go deeper into the poses. Cobbler pose releases the groin and inner thigh area. Seated Twist precedes Bridge pose. Following this sequence you'll perform a pose with your legs up on a wall to increase circulation. Corpse pose brings all the effects of the poses together and concludes this practice.

Disc two contains 3 guided sessions and an overview session. Each are chaptered so you can choose to do one, two or all depending on your needs.

Introduction to Meditation: Here you'll learn the benefits of each of the 3 different variations.

Alternate Breathing: You'll learn how to alternate breathing through one nostril and then the other. Danica, Christy and Mahaila demonstrate on a wooden bridge over a flowing brook. (very relaxing with gentle nature sounds in the background)

Guided Visualization: Mahaila encourages you through a wonderful meditation. You'll be guided through different scenarios that you'll get to visualize on throughout the session.

Mindfulness Meditation: Using mantra's, you'll concentrate on the breath. After 10 minutes, you'll hear a chime to bring you out of the session. (no visualization as this session is to clear out the mind)

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