Cloudbreak, Yoga and Core Synthesis

Bobbi Hamilton
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

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This workout was shot on the island of Namotu, Fiji and has very pretty scenery throughout. It is broken down into 5 chapters, each with music with instructions or music without verbal instructions to choose from. Bobbi works alone during each session.

Ab Fab: 14 Minutes
On the beach, Bobbi begins with a pilates roll up. (modifications are shown in a small pop up window in the corner of the screen) Boat pose or 1/2 boat pose prepares you for a tough bike sequence. Following that set, Bobbi demonstrates some unique side oblique moves. Lower abs are worked by doing leg thrusts. Wide legged bridge crunch ups is another unique offering in this session. Lots of variety, you'll work your entire core area. She'll finish this segment with poses to work your back.

Meditation: 10 Minutes
This moving meditation will relax you and help relieve back pain. In this sequence, the scenery changes from Bobbi working on the beach to her working on a lush poolside outdoor deck. You'll get a light stretch and help prepare your body for any of the other practices.

Flow Yoga: 27 Minutes
Beginning with 1/2 sun salutations to warm the body, Bobbi will then add on to this progression. This practice will increase your flexibility and the flow will work the heart for some cardio benefits. Some poses work your balance while others develop your strength. You'll finish on the floor with forward folds, back bends and shoulder stands. Twisting poses for your back and some static holds for your core end the session.

Bikini Arms: 14 Minutes
Bobbi works out on the beach in her bikini. Plank to crescent moon begin. Tri-Pod plank pose works shoulders and upper back. Plank with one leg extended will work all upper body muscles. Full pushups and winged pushups work chest and triceps. Reverse planks will tighten and define the arms. Lots of variety in this segment and all poses will enhance toning in the upper body.

Leggy Legs: 12 Minutes
Plie squats for reps begin (and many variations are presented). Horse stance, warrior 2 and forward fold follow. 20 squats are next followed by chair squeezes. Lots of poses will define and tone your legs and glutes. Pigeon pose completes the sequence and stretches the muscles you've just worked.

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