Chakra Yoga

Gurutej Kaur
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Yoga

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This is a kundalini yoga video lead by Gurutej Kaur. It was made in 1998 (ISBN# 1-56455-653-0). I found it at Border's for $20. The running time on the video is 72 minutes.

It starts with a 5 minute intro where Gurutej Kaur explains each of the 8 chakras, what each does, how you feel when each chakra is in order and when they need some work...

The workout consists of the following:

3 minute "Tuning In" chant.

(each pose is about 3 minutes each)

1st chakra - 1. Breath of fire and spine flexes. 2. Breath of fire and frog pose.

2nd chakra - 1. "O" breath and pelvic rotations. 2. Hip opener

3rd chakra - 1. Pelvic arching. 2. Breath of fire and stretch pose.

4th chakra - 1. "who-la" breath and heart opener. 2. Sitali breath and cobra into wisdom pose.

5th chakra - 1. Camel into wisdom pose. 2. Throat opener.

6th chakra - 1. Crow pose. 2. Tree pose.

7th chakra - 1. Sphinx. 2. Sat Kriya.

8th chakra - 1. Clearing the magnetic field. 2. Standing twist pose.

5 minute meditation (chant)

5 minute guided relaxation

This is very slow paced. After each chakra work, you relax and focus. No flash, no music, no hurry. The setting is 2 guys, 2 girls and Gurutej Kaur on a mountain on a sunny windy day opening their chakras.

I like this video a lot and would recommend it to anyone who believes in the the whole energy force, chakra stuff ;^D The poses are not difficult. She shows modifications and talks you through everything. She teaches you the chants and what the words mean. Everything you do in this video has a specific purpose and she tells you what they all are.

Gurutej Kaur is just too cool! You can certainly tell that she's got her chakras in order. She is very calming and well grounded, yet not boring.

Rebecca Campbell