Misty Tripoli
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

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This is one of the three discs from Misty’s Body Groove series (Alive, Strong, Calm). They are all DVD-R.

The disc is very well chaptered. You can listen to a little intro by Misty, or go right to the workout, which has four sections. The entire workout from beginning to end is 60 minutes long (not including the intro). I don't see a way to program it to play the chapters in an order of your own choosing, but you can skip around. As each chapter starts, the title flashes on the screen (the titles relate to the music and moves in each section).

This is just what its name implies, slow relaxing, soothing and meditative. It is about making time to take care of your inner self as well as your physical self.

Misty has everyone start off by lying on the floor - some of the participants lie on their backs with their legs up against the wall (I think this is a yoga pose, but I don't know the name) and she talks about focusing on breath and really paying attention to your breathing patterns. This section is about 5 minutes long and she recommends trying to make time to do it regularly. She then slowly gets everyone up to engage in two sections of flowing, deliberate movements and stretches, which seem to me to be infused with elements from tai chi and yoga (but not traditional yoga or exact tai chi form). Eventually she has you back on the floor for the final chapter, which is meditation and savasana.

I’ve only used this workout a couple of times, but have enjoyed it and am glad to have it in my collection. I think it is good for rest days, or when one is feeling under the weather, or anytime you need to relax and chill out.

Instructor Comments:



The first part of “Calm” is a holistic, therapeutic way of freeform active stretching. A moving meditation. Before any active stretching begins Misty has you pick your restorative pose for example: legs up against the wall, or lying down in Savasana for a few minutes to clear your mind and ready yourself for whats to come. Then Misty encourages you to visualize and breathe into every movement. The movements are a fusion of active stretches, self massage, and moving breath meditation. She will instruct and then let you find your perfect form and depth of range. Throughout though she does remind you to keep focused on the breath which does help you relax deeper into the stretches. Misty also tells you to focus on certain areas in the body and how to massage them and why it is good to do so. Along the way Misty tells you to close your eyes for better interior focus. Once you’ve done this workout you could do the whole thing with eyes closed to obtain a meditative feel with every movement. The class is filled with all body types of women. Each has picked her own spot to exercise in. There is no structure of rows of exercisers. Every exerciser moves in her own unique way. Some with eyes closed some with them open. I found this whole workout to be very relaxing in a very different way. Very rejuvenating for both mind and body. I feel that even people who might be somewhat stiff in the morning could probably do this, because Misty encourages us to do every movement slow and calm. It would also be good to do if you are recovering from sickness and also good for a rest day.

The second part of “Calm” is done on the floor. Misty does do some traditional floor stretches for the lower body and also side stretches and then a 6 minute Savasana. In Savasana Misty talks you through a meditation of calming every part of you. So with eyes closed listening to her positive and encouraging voice your mind and body decompress and let go. Then you slowly sit up and close in Prayer Pose. Truly a relaxing experience.

The music was very relaxing and nice. I totally thought did a good job in "Calm".

The set was very calming also. Warm dark wood floors, half the wall with lighter wood while the other half was brick. Candles along top of the half wood wall. It all made for a relaxing, calming experience.

The DVD is chaptered very nicely. Each section has its own intro.


Inner Space “Breathe” 5:13 minutes.

Outer Reaches “Sooth” 18 minutes.

Safe Haven “Flow” 12:44 minutes.

Room To Love “Rejuvenate,

Restore, Relax & Meditate” 24:30 minutes.

Along with the set Misty sent a letter titled:
"There is Magic in the Groove"
In this letter it Welcomes you to Misty's Groove Method. Tells what the Groove Method is. and that you can receive Free 10 minute Downloads of Misty's Meditations.

Also Misty included:
"Misty Tripoli's Groove Method 10 Secrets to Success".
In which she elaborates on the 10 secrets.

Instructor Comments:
Misty gives the impression of being to the point and a strong woman in her beliefs. She instructs with care for the well being of the home exerciser. She explains the hows and whys of the movements. She encourages and motivates the home exerciser to be and feel their best always.