Body Transformation Set

Adrienne Reed
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

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This Body Transformation set includes 3 dvd's, each with 20, 40 and 60 minute segments.

Core Power: Core Power is a well designed series of very challenging poses to increase core strength. Some unique poses/exercises include shoulder stand oblique twists, straight leg holds, toe dips, side leg lift holds, different variations of planks and lots of twist hold moves. Each session gets progressively harder with new twists to each exercise and tough new moves added. This workout will really define and tone your tummy. I felt this one for several days afterward.

Fat Burner: Fat Burner uses a flowing vinyasa flow designed to burn calories and make you sweat. Sun salutes warm you up and more powerful poses/holds use larger muscle groups to increase the burn. Adrienne keeps the pace steady and you'll also develop power & grace along with decreasing weight if that is your goal.

Ultimate Flexibility: Designed to increase your flexibility, each segment works specific areas. The 20 minute segment focuses on hips/shoulders, the 40 minute focuses on leg flexibility and backbends and the 60 minute session will really work you hard with splits, twists and some very advanced poses. Each session works toward the next, as they get more advanced as you go.

These workouts are designed for high intermediate/advanced yoga practioners. (Adrienne offers no modifications or use of props, she assumes you know the poses) I would suggest beginning with her first workout which will assist in learning some moves if you are less advanced. Each workout has 3 sessions. The 20 minute workouts in each dvd would be a good place for the high intermediate students to build a solid foundation in their practice before moving on to the more advanced 40 and 60 minute sessions. The longer sessions will help you achieve what they state: burn calories, develop greater flexibility and condition your core. When the core is strong and balanced, it provides stability for the entire body.

The instruction is clear & concise. Adrienne designed the set not only on ability but on time constraints. Now you can maintain a regular practice with the mix & match sessions.

Production quality is excellent. The set was pretty and the music worked well with the practice.

If you are looking for advanced yoga that you won't outgrow, this series is it. Tough stuff!

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