Breathe: Kundalini Yoga with Harijiwan

Harijiwan Khalsa

Categories: Yoga

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I own about 15 kundalini yoga (KY) DVD's. This is the best and most authentic KY class on DVD in the market place. It starts with the opening mantra, ong namo guru dev namo; and the mantra of protection, ad guray namey. He then does the 10 bodies KY set. The setting is a yoga studio with about 10 students. The class taught is an actual KY class.

After the set, he plays the gong for about 5 minutes during deep relaxation. This is glorious. Then there is an 11 min. chanting meditation. Wonderful! The class ends with a beautiful rendition of the "long time sun song" If you have never been to a KY class, this is IT! If you have been to a KY class, you will feel right at home. No gimicks, no strange music, no funny lookin sets. Great production by Karma Train! It is not a hard set, anyone can get thru it but you feel wonderful afterwards. You can get the DVD at When I get to Los Angeles, I will definitely go to his class. GET THIS DVD

Instructor Comments:
Warm, funny, friendly. His love comes through the DVD. Harijiwan is a direct student of the master Yogi Bhajan who bought Kundalini yoga to the west.