Beyond the Basics & Namaste Yoga Flow

Kate Olafson
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

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Shot in a pretty outdoor setting, it's visually appealing. Quiet music. Each practice runs approximately 45 minutes in length. You can choose to do one or both depending on time and fitness level. (both compliment one another)

Beyond the Basics is designed for the beginner to intermediate level student. (some basic knowledge would be helpful) Kate begins with the breath and guides you into gentle stretches and twists. Everything is slow and deliberate. (you'll really feel the energy of the poses) Kate also includes abdominal conditioning which will strengthen the core. After moving through the floor warmup sequence, Kate demonstrates some powerful standing postures. (great for tightening & toning the muscles and building strength) The holds are longer which will build muscular endurance as well. Kate sometimes demonstrates several modifications within a pose (say 3 different levels of tree pose). Moving again to the floor, Kate performs a couple hip openers and twists before moving into final relaxation.

Namaste Yoga Flow is for intermediate/advanced participants. This practice is a complete vinyasa session. Kate begins with the breath and moves into core work (this is a nice gentle way to prepare for the more vigorous flow). The sun salutations is the center of this workout. Kate performs sun salutations A & B several times through, always offering tips to get the most from your session. Lots of variation and room to grow for the intermediate student. Deeper hip openers including full split are demonstrated. A wonderful restorative savasana concludes the workout.

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