YogaBand Beginner's Workout

Lisa Wolfe
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Yoga

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Fitness June 2003 had a photo article about yogaband. I love this workout! The instructor, who teaches in Michigan (see her website cues mirror-image, which I really appreciate, by voice-over. In the tape/DVD, she's leading a class of 7, in a wood-floored room that has a fire going in the fireplace. There's new-agey background music, which was soothing.
The DVD is not chaptered. There's a thorough yet gentle warmup which has no sun series. I liked this, b/c I'm tired of endless sun series on other tapes.
Child's pose
Cat & cow
Still on all 4's, extend leg behind you & turn to look at foot; repeat severeal times, alternating legs.
Down dog, alternate heel presses.
Forward bend
Chair Mountain

With the band (there were 3 different color bands used in the vid; that is, no switching for different poses, but some had yellow, some pink, some green)--
Deadlifts -- forward bend and mountain.
Chair and front raises.
Standing lunge (left foot back), biceps curls.
*Extended angle pose, right arm rows.
Side straddle, then (w/o band) alternate one hand on floor, the other hand to ceiling.
Warrior one, triceps extension.
Warrior two, left front arm raise.
**Reverse warrior (triangle, left arm up & down.
Down dog.
Hero, hammer curls.
Gate pose, right arm moves across chest & up to ceiling.
*to ** on other side.
Down dog to half pigeon, each leg.
Butterfly, shoulder presses.
Sit with legs straight out, band around feet, triceps kickbacks.
Boat pose, with band around feet.
On back, legs extended with band around feet, point & flex feet.
Knees into chest, then down to alternate sides.
Corpse pose, while the instructor guides a relaxation sequence.

35 minutes.

Instructor Comments:
Easy to follow, very pleasant speaking voice.

Cynthia (Monterey vidiot)