Yoga: Aussie Fit

Sue Walker

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The instructor of this 50-minute yoga session is Sue Walker, Australian National Aerobic Team champion and "Yogafit" expert.

The session starts with standing poses and moves on to the floor and seated poses. First we do mountain pose and then tree pose, which is good for improving balance. Some of the poses are quite strenuous, such as warrior pose and triangle pose. In between the standing poses you return to mountain pose. There are also some nice stretches, such as cat pose and frog pose, and some spinal rotations. The session ends with breathing practice, followed by a short, seated relaxation and some neck stretches. The instructor shows the advanced version of the poses, and the two women with her demonstrate the beginner and intermediate versions, making this a tape you can grow with. She does not mirror cue, which some people might find annoying or confusing. (I mirror her moves.)

She encourages you to go at your own pace, and to link movement with breath, not worrying if you find you are not moving at the same rate as she is because not everyone breathes at the same rate.

The music is quiet and new agey.

The only complaint I have about this tape is the rather spartan setting. The three women are in a white studio, with some fitness equipment behind them and some large posters of stills from other Aussie Fit videos. I would have much preferred something outdoors (there must be somewhere nice - this is Australia!) or at least a serene studio with artsy drapes and that sort of stuff. Nevertheless, this tape still gets a thumbs-up from me!

Instructor Comments:
Sue Walker is very encouraging, reminding us to go at our pace and not force anything. She instructs well, giving tips which help you feel the pose better, and she gives frequent reminders about posture. She takes a down-to-earth, Western approach to yoga.

Glynis van Uden