Ashtanga Yoga: First Series

Sri K Pattabhi
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Yoga

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If I remember correctly, this is an hour and 22 minutes. It’s a good, challenging workout, but there are a couple of reasons why I won’t be keeping it. First, the instructor is difficult for an American to understand (he has a heavy accent). You will have to be very familiar with the entire First Series, or else you’ll be constantly looking back to the TV to see what you’re supposed to be doing. The second thing, and the thing that bugs me the most, is that there is a woman in the class who keeps moaning. She starts off with just a moan every now and then, but as the class progresses, she does too. By the second half, it’s pretty much like a constant hum :)

The class is shot indoors, and the students are mostly advanced. There isn’t any music, which, surprisingly, didn’t bother me. Jois does not do the workout, but he does assist a lot. In fact, I thought some of his “assists” looked a little dangerous. The video quality is decent – not quite “good” but certainly better than Sara’s City. Grade B.

Annie S.