Ashtanga Yoga

Sarah Powers

Categories: Yoga

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This is, without a doubt, the best ashtanga yoga video I have come across. Sarah Powers leads the entire primary series in a yoga studio with a class of about 25, all at various levels. She begins with the invocation, so those who have trouble with that can zoom ahead. She says to prepare yourself for a special time, and she is so right. Sarah leads the class and will do the occasional pose herself, especially ones that are more difficult. She gives alternatives for many poses, including ones which can stress the knees, toes and hips. As far is the infamous ashtanga jump throughs she also gives wonderful advice and pointers. During the class it is wonderful to see her giving adjustments and encouragements to those who need it. Just when you think you can't go on anymore she tells you why you should. Her focus is not just on the pacing, which is rather slow and is often held longer while she adjusts students, but also on proper alignment and safety. She makes me feel very comfortable doing these poses while simultaneously encourages me to work hard. This is not an easy thing to capture in a video!

Her students are at various levels in their practice, but it is a joy to see both beginning and advanced students in the same class, working at their appropriate level. The students in this class ask her questions quietly and with respect, so different from David Life's workshop! This is not a polished video as far as production goes, but it's not bad. People come and go through a door with squeaky hinges; there is lots of outside noise creeping in and the sounds of children playing, but to me it adds to the quality of practice.

For anyone interested in practising ashtanga yoga at home, you need this video. (It is available at

Fran Goldsmith