The Art Of Yoga

Jennifer Blackmore
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Yoga

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Jennifer leads the viewer through basic yoga poses (asanas) and her companion Ian Phillip White demonstrates easier modifications on all poses. She starts off with a gentle relaxation and seated warm up to bring heat to legs and abdomen as well as pelvis and back areas. Jennifer uses the breath to go deep into the stretches. The sun salutation follows to further warm up the body to prepare for the other poses. Sitting postures follow including forward bend and side angle stretches. A series of Down dog/Up dog follow. Spinal exercises are included to stretch and relax the back. The final asanas are standing postures to develop strength and power. Included are warrior, triangle and other popular poses. The workout concludes with a final relaxation. The production quality is very good. The background is white and features just Jennifer and Ian. Actual yoga terminology is presented for each asana. Jennifer's voice is very pleasant and the voice over she uses is right on que with the postures. Jennifer's website is tape is a welcome addition to anyone's yoga practice.