Arcs & Angles

June Kahn

Categories: Yoga

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Iím not really sure what the "Arcs & Angles" is all about. This is a fairly traditional yoga workout. June doesnít talk about arcs/angles during the workout at all. This 1-hour, 10-minute workout includes a variety of yoga poses done very slowly. It starts off very easy but gets more challenging as it goes along, although not very difficult for someone who has done yoga for awhile. I think it is good for beginner and intermediate yoga students. I would classify this as more soothing than strengthening, but there is some strength work, too. I think I would have liked this if June had speeded it up a little; it just moved too slow. However, there were some unusual poses that I really liked and considered keeping it because of that. In the end, though, I just have too many videos, and I canít see keeping this one since Iím just lukewarm about it. One more thing I should mention, the picture is grainy. Itís one of the Saraís City older productions, and not the greatest quality.

Annie S.