Ancient Yoga, New You living well yoga therapy

Ginger Garner
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga

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The Seated Pose & Pranayama chapter is done on a beach but all other chapters are done in a studio.


Instrumental with a relaxing beat.

Equipment needed:

Mat, blanket, blocks, strap and bolsters are used throughout.


1. Play all
2. Purpose & Introduction
3. Seated Pose & Pranayama
4. Modified Sun Salutations
5. Shoulder Openers
6. Standing Postures
7. Seated Postures
8. Prone Postures
9. Finishing Sequence
10. Relaxation Corpse

Ginger recommends doing the entire sequence (chapters 3-10) once per week. Running time is 1 hr 16 minutes and will accommodate all levels.

This practice is essential for those that have chronic pain. All poses are shown modified and with very clear instruction. Ginger is a physical therapist as well as a yoga instructor and she'll explain the pose and how to effectively perform it to minimize pain and promote healing.

Chapter 3:

Starting in seated cross legged position, sitting on a block/bolster, you'll do deep breathing and stretches to prepare you for the sun salutations.

Chapter 4:

Modified sun salutes begin on hands and knees. Ginger uses two blocks under her hands and begins with a cat/cow sequence. Slow & deliberate with detailed instructions, she'll take you through the modified routine (with and without using blocks)

Chapter 5:

A strap & two blocks are used during the shoulder openers. Wonderful stretches will really open and expand this area.

Chapter 6:

Warrior 1 & 2, side angle and tree are shown. Tips for alignment and knee placement help to ensure less discomfort in the standing poses.

Chapter 7:

Blankets/bolsters are used to raise you up slightly and a strap is used to deepen and lengthen the movements of the seated poses in this sequence.

Chapter 8:

A strap is used here as well. Stretches for finishing your practice are shown.

Chapter 9:

With a strap & lying on your back, you'll perform some great hamstring stretches and then finish with bridge. Ginger also does a few twists to strengthen the spine.

Chapter 10:

You'll conclude the practice in corpse pose utilizing props to make you comfortable.

Instructor Comments:

Denise Ruble