AM Yoga

Rodney Yee
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Yoga

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I have this CD, not the video, but I believe the program is exactly the same. This workout focuses on breathing and gentle stretching. It begins with a 4-minute breathing practice which offers instruction on deep relaxation; the entire segment is performed lying on the floor. Next is a 12-minute practice consisting mainly of floor poses to awaken the muscles. Both of these segments together are only 16 minutes, and the entire practice works well for either AM or PM.

Instructor Comments:
Rodney Yee is an excellent instructor who provides thorough voiceover explanations of each movement in a soft, soothing voice.

Beth C (aka toaster)


This is an excellent tape for stretching the low back and hips. I have arthritis and this is an efficient stretching tape for me. It's also relaxing enough to do late at night.

People with back trouble would want to preview this with their docs to make sure the twisting poses are suitable, especially after an acute bout of back pain.

This tape is available in a 2-pack with PM Yoga for Beginners (Patricial Walden). The AM tape is much simpler and easier than the PM tape, I find.

Instructor Comments:
The pace is a little fast for beginners to switch positions.

Louise K


I've tried several yoga tapes in the past but haven't liked them. (They usually make me feel grumpy and irritable rather than relaxed). However I like this tape a lot.

I'm naturally very tight and a beginner and my athletic therapist (I'm currently seeing him for "runner's knee" or iliotibial band friction syndrome) recommended a regular program of stretching for me. I found this tape quite useful for this purpose as the majority of poses are not difficult and there are lots of leg stretches in it (I especially like the one with the strap).

The tape begins with a progressive relaxation segment (with a minimum of mysticism) and is followed by simple poses and stretches. The scenery is gorgeous (a Hawaaian beach at sunrise) and Rodney has a calm, relaxing presence.

The things I didn't care for were:
- too many commercials and warnings at the beginning.
- Rodney is extremely flexible and I had to modify the degree of some poses (ie. forward bend, lunge etc.). It would have been nice if he had verbally suggested these modifications
- I wish the stretches were held longer

Nevertheless, I'd recommend this tape for beginners interested in yoga or starting a stretch program.

Instructor Comments:
Rodney has a very calm, soothing voice. He is also incredibly flexible.

Anne MacL


This is more of a relaxation video than it is an actual hatha yoga tape. The Maui beach at dawn is beautiful, & the Buddhist monk type-chant is relaxing. No, the tape doesn't really have any of the Eastern philosophy in it, just the music. There are a few asanas, & I think a beginner could definately handle it. This tape will introduce a beginner to the benefits of the meditative side of Yoga. I highly recommend it especially if you can get it for 6.99 at Target. It can be used for anytime of day not just in the a.m. or if you feel stressed. Overall grade: A

Instructor Comments:
He has a pleasant & sincere demeanor. He has one of the most calming tranquil voices around. Very fit & sinewy.



This is one of the shorter (20 minute) yoga programs in the Living Arts series. Like the others, this one is filmed beautifully--this time on a Maui beach. The music is new-agey with subtle vocals (kind of chant-like), very much like the music on P.M. Yoga. Rodney starts out by talking about the benefits of doing yoga in the morning as a transition between being asleep and being awake. He then starts out in a reclining pose. He instructs you in proper breathing technique, having you place your hands on your belly, your solar plexus, your ribcage, and your throat (so you can become aware of the "path" that your breath takes). You then will be taken through a guided relaxation. After that, some of the poses that you will do are gentle reclining twists, seated twists, standing side bends, reclining leg stretches with a strap (or belt), downward facing dog, reclining cobbler's pose, seated cross-legged pose (not in order). You will end in seated meditation (cross-legged or lotus) where you do some focusing. The pace of this video is slow, and I think it would be an adequate yoga video for the beginner. Modifications are not shown, but these moves for the most part are not very strenuous; some of them are already modifications. While I think this is a decent video, I am not wild about it. I don't feel challenged, nor do I get a thorough stretch with this one. I need something a bit more "get up and go" when I first wake up. This may be a useful video for some, but I much prefer the other videos in this series (P.M. Yoga, Power Yoga for Beginners, and Stress Relief Yoga for Beginners).

Instructor Comments:
Rodney's cuing is good, although his descriptions of where your body should be during the poses isn't as thorough as Patricia Walden in P.M. Yoga. He does not mirror R/L.

Kristin Aziz


I think this 20-minute yoga video could also be done at night to relax, as well as for its intended purpose, which is to get you going in the morning. You start with lying-down poses and then gradually work your way up until you're standing. All of the poses/stretches are very slow and relaxing, nothing vigorous.

Although I liked the tape okay, I really don't have much use for it. I wanted something to do either as a warmup before a workout or a stretch after a workout. The stretches aren't really good enough for either purpose. Grade B+.

Instructor Comments:
Rodney is a great yoga instructor, and awesome to watch.

Annie S.


This tape has changed my yoga attitude. I have to say upfront that I didn't really like yoga. I probably just don't have the patience to stick with the beginner tape I already have. I bought this tape because it was on sale at Target ($6.99) and because my husband mentioned that I've been stressed out lately.

I really like this video. There isn't any actual instruction, which made me glad I've done another beginning yoga tape before, but it isn't really needed. Rodney's instruction is clear and the meditation section is great. I've done this tape every morning first thing for over a week now and I really feel calmer all day long. It's short enough to do while my husband is in the shower and getting ready for work. My evening workouts seem to be more focused and I'm enjoying them again since I've done this tape. I may even be motivated enough to give my regular beginning yoga video another chance.

Instructor Comments:
Rodney has a very soothing voice and his instructions are very clear. I could do most of the stretches with my eyes closed the second time I viewed the tape. He has a funny way of saying the letter "L" which some picky people might find a little annoying.

Patti Walsh